Get charged up with the fundamentals of EV charging! Our easy-to-understand guide will take you from zero to 'fully charged' in no time. Unravel the mysteries of voltage, current, and charging speeds, and become a pro at keeping your electric vehicle ready for the road.

Getting you started!

Charging your EV is easier than you thought. Whether you're new to the scene or an experienced EV user, these charging essentials will help you keep your EV always rolling. So, let's get charging!

Level up: What are charging levels and how do they

From plug types to charging speeds, the world of EV charging offers various options to suit your lifestyle and driving needs. Explore different charging levels and what they mean for your EV.


It’s just like charging your phone.

Just like we have different phone-charging routines, you can charge your EV at a time convenient to you. Overnight, while you snooze, or at your office, while you work, or even on-the-go, you've got multiple ways to power up your EV.


A closer look at types of charging stations



  • These are ideal for private charging at homes or offices
  • They can be wall-mounted or installed on a stand for ease of access 


  • These are mostly available at public or commercial locations on a chargeable basis
  • These are installed on the ground as per the technical and electrical specifications

What are the different types of chargers?

  • India has 5 types of connectors
  • They provide fast, moderate and slow speed charging as per the specifications

But, how much does charging cost you?

It’s cheaper than conventional fuel!

When it comes to EV charging, you're in for a money-saving ride, one doesn’t have to worry about increasing petrol/diesel prices everyday The EV and charging industries are working for faster and cheaper charging.


Calculate the cost of charging your EV at home here

from 10KWh to 100KWh
from ₹1 to ₹10
Charging time


Total charging cost


And, will charging be a hassle-free experience?

It’s more convenient than you think.

Charging up an EV from nearly empty to full might take a tad longer than a quick fuel station pit stop, but, things are changing fast. With lots of fast chargers available, EV drivers can "charge on the go" and hit the road without missing a beat.

With multiple charging options available ranging from portable charging cable compatible with 15 amperes sockets to 7.4 kW AC Fast chargers to DC Fast chargers, now you have multiple options to choose from at your convenience. There are also more than 6000 public charging stations across India presently and they are evolving at a fast speed.




6 reasons to not worry about charging your MG ZS EV:
  1. AC Fast chargers can be installed at your home or office free of cost.
  2. Portable charging cable in your car that can be plugged into any 15-ampere socket.
  3. DC fast chargers are available at your nearest MG dealership.
  4. Community charger available across key residential complexes and public locations.
  5. 24/7 roadside assistance along with mobile vehicle charging in select cities.
  6. Fast chargers are available across key routes in satellite cities as part of an extended charging network.