Electric Vehicles and range? See how they fare under different conditions

From extreme weather to different terrains, a range of factors can affect your EV’s performance. Here’s how they perform under varied conditions and what you can do to ensure a smooth drive, each time.

Driving style

Your driving style can unlock your EV’s range potential. Here’s what you can do for an efficient drive:

  1. Efficient Acceleration and Braking: Smooth acceleration and gentle braking conserve energy, allowing you to enjoy an extended range.
  2. Consistent Speed: Maintaining a steady speed not only enhances efficiency but also lets you cover more kilometres on a single charge.
  3. Regenerative Braking: Utilise regenerative braking to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy power while coasting, increasing your range.


Whether high or low, temperature is an important factor that affects the range of EVs. Though temperature does play a significant role in battery behaviour and eventually vehicle range, electric vehicles are designed to excel in diverse temperature conditions, offering comfortable and reliable performance by maintaining efficiency and long-term endurance.



Your EVs are created for different terrains that play a role in your car’s performance. EVs adapt to various terrains, with hilly landscapes using slightly more energy but still delivering impressive range, while flat surfaces maximise energy efficiency for extended kilometres on a single charge. However, while driving along the terrains, the range can vary depending on:

  1. Travel uphill or downhill
  2. Slope of the terrain
  3. Driving pattern
  4. Cold temperature

Payload and Various Driving Modes

Learn the secrets of extending your car's range while carrying extra cargo.

  1. Even Load Distribution: Even Distribution of extra loads throughout the vehicle can help to maintain balance and stability, contributing positively to the vehicle range.
  2. Eco Mode Utilisation: EVs come with different types of driving modes. Use of the correct mode in different driving conditions can help to conserve energy when carrying extra cargo can enhance the efficiency and range.
Driving Modes

Tyre Pressure

Optimise your EV’s range by proper tyre pressure. This is not only beneficial for extending your driving range but also ensures a smooth and efficient ride. Adequate tyre pressure optimises energy efficiency, making EVs an even more positive choice for your daily commute.

Tyre Pressure