Discover the key to harnessing the full potential of your electric vehicle's range. Our insights will demystify your EV's boundaries and capabilities. Armed with this vital knowledge, you'll cruise the roads with confidence, always prepared for the journey ahead.

Factors that influence your EV range


Battery capacity

Larger batteries generally provide longer range.


Driving Conditions

Speed, terrain, and use of in-car amenities can influence how far an EV can go.



Extreme weather conditions may slightly impact the EV’s range.


Boost your electric vehicle's efficiency with our range optimisation tips. Learn the art of maximising your EV's range by adjusting driving habits, managing energy consumption, and getting the most out of each charge. Get ready to go farther on every adventure and optimise your EV’s range to ensure you drive to your heart’s content.

Optmise RangeOptmise Range


How does terrain impact your EV range?

Climbing rough terrains or hilly areas will require your EV to use more energy, which reduces the range of your EV. Here’s what you can do to maximise your range while driving on a hilly terrain:

  1. Use regenerative braking: Regenerative braking occurs when the driver takes their foot off the accelerator pedal. In EVs, regenerative braking is helps to enhance the range.
  2. Plan your route: Before you drive, plan your route in advance to avoid very steep hills and downhill slopes. This can help in saving energy and extending your driving range because going uphill uses more power than driving on flat roads.
  3. Use the vehicle's eco mode: MG ZS EV and MG Comet EV’s Eco mode can help improve efficiency. This mode usually decreases the vehicle's power output, aiding in energy conservation during hilly drives.
  4. Maintain a steady speed: When driving uphill, maintain a steady pace to help preserve the battery, avoiding sudden speed changes.