How to locate a public charging station near you

As electric vehicles (EVs) transform our travel, accessing an efficient and user-friendly charging network becomes essential for EV users. Since there are so many kinds of public charging stations and an increasing number of charge point operators, finding and using public charging infrastructure today is relatively easy.


Types of Charging Stations

Finding public charging stations near you: Navigation systems, mobile apps, and online tools

Navigation systems: Most modern EVs have built-in navigation systems that provide information about nearby charging stations. These systems display the location, availability, and type of charging station, making it easy to plan routes that include charging points. E.g. You can locate the nearest charging station using Locate charger feature while driving your MG ZS EV through infotainment screen in the car or by using MyMGApp Mobile application.

Mobile apps: A dedicated mobile application is provided by Charge Point Operators (CPOs) in helping EV owners locate their respective charging stations. These apps offer real-time information on station availability, pricing, and compatibility with your specific vehicle. Most CPO apps allow you to initiate and conclude charging sessions directly from your phone.

Online tools: Various websites and online platforms offer interactive maps and search functions for finding charging stations. These tools enable you to filter stations by type, availability, and location, making it easy to plan your charging stops. (How to locate a charger)

Real-Time updates: Ensuring accessibility and convenience

Real-time updates on charging station availability are crucial for EV owners, especially during peak usage times. Using the information about whether a charging station is currently in use or not at all available helps drivers to plan their routes accordingly and avoid unnecessary delays. 

Empowering EV Owners

This shift towards greater accessibility is essential for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation system. The empowerment of EV owners is not just a concept but a reality, shaping a future where convenience and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

How to find a charging station for your EV?