EV Policy - West Bengal


Government of West Bengal aims to promote innovation on next gen EV technology, enable invetsment into charging/battery swapping infrastructure and promote usage of Evs to enable transition in the state.

Demand Incentives

  • DEMAND GENERATION SUBSIDY (4W) : Total approx incentive: 1.5 Lakhs Max exfactory price to avail incentive of 15 Lakhs.
Charging station subsidy

1. Provision of concessional locations for charging infrastructure in the state.
2. DISCOM to supply power within 48 hours of application.
3. Public charging high tension (HT) and low tension (LT) station points shall be governed by a promotionalsingle part tariff not exceeding ’ 6/ kVAh for the next two years.
4. Third party EV charging infrastructure providers will be allowed to procure power from DISCOM at regulator determines taridd and will be allowed to provide the charging service to EVs.

Electricity Tariff

INR 6/kWh (per unit) single part tariff for making end-user service charges attractive

Skill development

1. A research grant will be announced to funt he most innovative solutions in the mobility spapce.
2. Grant incentives to research scholar who are moving to state to work for research in electric mobility and its components.
3. Setting up of an Intelligent Mobility Skill Centre (IMSC) for enabling training in upcoming EV sector.
4. Creation of cohort of women drivers/owners of electric three wheeler for last mile mobility.
5. Setting up of "EV Innovation Centre" and "Battery Industrialisation Hub".


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Date of release - Yet to be released in official gazette
Applicable Till - 5 years from the date of commencement.