EV Policy - Telangana


To make Telangana a hub for Electric vehicles and energy storage system:

  • To make the State an attractive investment destination for this sector 
  • To promote R&D and manufacturing in Electric Vehicle & Energy Storage Systems’ sector
  • To ensure faster adoption of Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage Systems in the State
  • To achieve substantial reduction in total cost of transportation for personal and commercial purposes, supported by a world-class infrastructure

Demand Incentives

  • Road Tax : 100% exemption of road tax for the first 5,000.
  • Vehicle Registration: 100% exemption of registration fee  for the first 5,000.

Charging station subsidy

  1. Government shall facilitate setting of up initial batch of fast charging stations in Hyderabad and other towns in a phased manner, by state entities and private players.
  2. Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission shall provide special Power Tariff category for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Manufacturing subsidy and Tariff

  1. Capital Investment Subsidy: 20% of investment capped at 30 Cr. for Mega Enterprises.
  2. SGST Reimbursement: 100% net SGST reimbursement capped at 5 Cr. per year with a cumulative cap of 25 Cr. over a period of 7 years for Mega Enterprises.
  3. Power Tariff Discount: 25% for 5 years capped at 5 Cr. for Mega Enterprises.

Electricity Duty Exemption: 100% for 5 years capped at 0.5 Cr

Battery recycling subsidy

The first 200 public battery swapping stations set up in Tamil Nadu shall be eligible for a capital subsidy of 25% on the cost involved in the purchase of equipment and machinery limited to Rs. 2 lakh per station.

Skill development

  1. EV Research Hub: A dedicated facility shall be developed to house EV R&D centers by domestic and global EV Majors. Hyderabad’s strength in Technology domain shall be leveraged to provide quality manpower for such centers. This hub is also expected to attract global R&D activities on other emerging mobility trends such as connected and autonomous vehicles. 
  2. Centers of Excellence: State Government shall partner with premier Technical Institutes and research establishments across the state to establishing Centers of Excellence for conducting market-focused research on Battery Technologies, battery management, motors, and controllers. State Government shall seek Industry participation and leverage GOI EV policy to provide grant to these centers. NFTDC (Non-Ferrous technologies Development center) at Hyderabad is running one such COE on electric vehicle technologies, under GOI FAME scheme. 
  3. T- Fund: The Government shall offer financial support to Start-ups for research and innovation in EV & Battery technologies. Yearly awards shall be instituted to recognize breakthrough work in Battery Technologies in separate categories for OEM’s, ancillaries and start-ups 
  4. T-Works Automotive Prototyping Center: Recognized as India’s largest Prototyping Centre, T- WORKS shall have a dedicated wing for prototyping of Electric Vehicle components/ assembly & battery. Industry partnership in the same shall be invited from EV OEMs and large component manufacturers. The facility shall serve start-ups and MSME units in the EV space at subsidized rates
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Date of release - 2020
Applicable Till - 2030