EV Policy - Odisha


Odisha Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021 aims to build Odisha a model State in promotion of EVs through adoption, adaptation, research & development apart from facilitating growth in employment. State gov. want to achieve 20% adoption of EVs in all segment by 2025.

Demand Incentives

  • ROAD TAX : 
    1. Interest subvention @ 5% in the policy period of 4 years will be provided to public for purchase personal Evs
    2. Municipal authorities will provide subsidized parking for all personal Evs
    Open Permit for autos.
    Bus: 100% on registration fee for first 4 years.
    Truck:100% on registration fee for first 4 years.
  • DEMAND GENERATION SUBSIDY (4W) : Purchase incentive of maximum Amount of Subsidy Rs 50,000/-
Charging station subsidy

Private Charging Station:
1. Grant for pruchase of charging equipment upto Rs. 5000 for first 20,000 points.
Public Charging Station:
2. Capital subsidy of 25 % to the selected Energy Operators for the charger installation expenses.
3. Special subsidy to be allowed for first 500 charging stations.
4. All the public charging station operators shall be encouraged to use low cost and renewable sources of power through OERC.

Manufacturing subsidy and Tariff

1.  SGST reimbursement for manufacturing of EV.
2. New Micro & Small Enterprise: 25% of Capital Investment.
3. New Micro & Small Enterprise owned by minority: 30% of Capital Investment.
4. New Micro & Small Enterprise set up in backward state: Additional Capital investment subsidy @ 5% investment.

Other subsidy, if any

1. 100% reimbursement on GST for purchase and manufacturer during the policy.
2. Interest subvention of 5% on loans ebuses.

Battery recycling subsidy

Shall be notified by Industries Department in consultation with Forest & Environment Department and State Pollution Control Board.

Electricity Tariff

₹3 per unit for the first 50 units. ₹4.80 for 50-200 units. ₹5.80 for 200-400 units. ₹6.20 for above 400 units.

Skill development

Vocational Courses shall be designed to train EV drivers, mechanics and charging station staff with Auto OEMs and Energy Operators.


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Date of release - 2020


Applicable Till - 2025