EV Policy - Meghalaya


The Meghalaya The Government is committed to provide requisite impetus towards adoption of at least 15% EVs in 5 Years in Meghalaya, by providing incentives to a limited number of early electric vehicles adopters. Thus, Government of Meghalaya aims at facilitating adoption of about 20,000 EVs during the Policy Period, which will save about 50 lakh litres of fuel, resulting in reduction of about 10,000 Kg of CO2 per day, which will lead to reduction of more than 36.5 lakh Kg of CO2 per year.

Demand Incentives

  • ROAD TAX : 1. Registration fees and road tax shall be waived for all types of electric vehicles purchased during policy period. 2. The Government will undertake appropriate steps to reserve parking slots for EVs at key locations.
  • VEHICLE REGISTRATION : 1. Waived off till the end of policy period 2. Priority registration will be provided to EVs over ICE vehicles by the respective RTOs in the State.
  • DEMAND GENERATION SUBSIDY (4W) :  The Government shall offer a purchase subsidy @ Rs 4000/- per KWH for the first 2500 four wheeler EVs purchased and registered in the State during the Policy period. The maximum ex-factory price to avail incentive is Rs 15 lakhs.
Charging station subsidy

1. The State will endeavor to provide attractive electricity tariff including fixed demand charges for the EVCS.
2. Free govt land for govt agency (both State and Central) including Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) or any private agency on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis, for the first five years in order to make the EVCS economically viable

Battery recycling subsidy

Appropriate protocols and investment subsidies for setting up such units shall be notified

Skill development

The State shall facilitate in introducing short-term (viz. 4-6 months) courses, related to Electric Vehicles (EV), EV Charging Stations, and other EV system related courses in collaboration with academia including Polytechnics & Engineering Colleges.


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Date of release - 2021
Applicable Till - 2026