EV Policy - Manipur


State aims to establish itself as an international standard for EV adoption across segment by developing world class charging stations and devloping suitable ecosystem.

Demand Incentives

  • Road Tax : The benefit for 4 wheeler is a 20% waiver on Motor Vehicle Tax (MV Tax).
  • Vehicle Registration: Registration Fees for all EVS shall be exempted.
  • Subsidy on Purchase of 4 Wheeler (4W) :
  1. Priority registration will be provided to EVs over ICE vehicles by the respective RTOS in the State. 
  2. In case the Government decides to implement Odd-Even system for plying of vehicles in order to curb pollution, the EVS shall be exempted from such arrangement. 
  3. In order to support the EV ecosystem, the Government will undertake appropriate steps to reserve parking slots for EVS at key locations. 
  4. 100% waiver on parking fee charges for EVS for 5 (five) years i.e during the policy period.

Charging station subsidy

The state will endeavor to provide attractive electricity tariffs, including fixed demand charges for the EVCS. The state will facilitate the provision of priority electricity connections to EVCS.

Battery recycling subsidy

The government will encourage the reuse of EV batteries that have reached the end of their life by facilitating the setting up of recycling units in collaboration with battery and EV manufacturers. These units will focus on "urban mining" of rare materials within the battery for reuse by battery manufacturers.

Charging station operators will be encouraged to operate as end-of-life battery recycling agencies where electric vehicle owners can deposit their vehicle batteries that have reached the end of their life and in return get a remunerative price for the battery. Disposal of EV batteries in any other manner, such as in landfills or scrap yards, will not be allowed.

The state government will facilitate in inviting battery recycling businesses to establish their presence in the state.

Appropriate protocols and investment subsidies for setting up such units will be notified by the government in consultation with stakeholders. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will also be held responsible for recycling old batteries and their components.

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Date of release - 2022