EV Policy - Jharkhand


State is focusing on balanced economic development of the state by favoring Electric Vehicle manufacturing sector and to provide maximum benefits to all stakeholders by establishing Jharkhand as an EV hub in India.

Demand Incentives

  • ROAD TAX : Registration & State Toll Tax exemption.
  • DEMAND GENERATION SUBSIDY (4W) : Rs.5000 per kWh, Max incentive Rs.150,000, for first 10000 vehicles. 100% for first 10000 vehicles, 75% for 10001-15000 buyers & 25% for above 15000 buyers if manufactured within the state otherwise 25%

Charging station subsidy

Incentive amount for Public Charging Stations and Semi Public Charging Stations:

  1. Slow: 60% of the cost
  2. Moderate/fast: 50% of the cost
  3. Solar based fast: 70% of the cost

Manufacturing subsidy

Fiscal Incentives across varied segment of companies: Micro, Small, Medium and Non MSMEs:

  1. Admissible rate of 30% on FCI. 
  2. Exemption on stamp duty.
  3. Upto 50% rebate on land cost.
  4. Aid in patent registration.
  5. Grants for cluster development.
  6. Interest subsidy timely payment @ 6% per annum on total loan availed from public financial institutions / Banks for period of five years. 
  7. In addition to the incentives above, the Eligible Anchor Units shall receive an additional 5% of the Capital Subsidy shall be provided in addition to the incentive Comprehensive Project Investment Subsidy (CPIS).
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Date of release - 2022