EV Policy - Gujarat


Gujarat has highest adoption of battery operated two wheelers in the country, which makes it an ideal proposition for industries to invest in EVs. The Gujarat EV Policy aims to:
1. Transition the existing state transportation towards electrification
2. To promote Gujarat as a manufacturing hub for electric vehicles and components
3. To encourage start up ecosystme in the field of electric mobility
4. To make the air quality better
The state as a roadmap of 200,000 electric 4 wheelers in next 4 years.

Demand Incentives

  • DEMAND GENERATION SUBSIDY (4W) : State subsidy amount of Rs. 10,000/kWh for a maximum battery capacity of 15 kWh.
Charging station subsidy

1. 25 % capital subsidy on equipment/machinery (limited up to Rs. 10 lakhs per station) for the first 250 commercial public EV charging stations. 2. Exemption of 100% electricity duty of EV charging stations during the period of this policy.

Manufacturing subsidy and Tariff

Category 1: 12% fixed capital investment. Category 2: 10% fixed capital investment. Category 3: 6% of fixed capital investment. Cateogry is divided as per taluka.

Electricity Tariff

1. Fixed Charges of Rs. 25 per month per installation. 2. Energy Charges of Rs. 4.10 per kWh for LT consumers and Demand Charges of Rs. 25 per kVA per month. 3. Energy Charges of Rs. 4.00 per kWh for HT Consumers.

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Date of release - 1st July 2021
Applicable Till - 1st July 2025