EV Policy - Chandigarh


Chandigarh EV policy is focused at curbing air pollution caused by vehicular pollution. The UT recognises that the low penetration of EV is due to the following reasons:
1. High Upfront purchase prices of Evs
2. Limited EV Product offerings comparable to ICE Vehicles
3. Inadequate public charging infrastructure
4. Low levels of awareness about EVs and their benefits.
With this policy, Chandigarh is aiming to tackle the barriers and encourage EV adoption.

Demand Incentives

  • ROAD TAX : Waived off till the end of policy period.
  • VEHICLE REGISTRATION : Vehicle registration is waived till the end of policy period
    Incentive of Rs. 5,000/kWh for a fixed battery personal 4wheeler electric vehicle, maximum incentive is capped at Rs. 1,50,000 for the first 2000 4 wheeler cars registered during policy period. (Applicable only for vehicles with exshowroom price upto INR 20 lakhs)
Charging station subsidy

1. Only first 30000 private charger to be incentivised  (Max incentive: 6000). 2. Max incentive of 50,000, 100% reimbursement on GST on EVSE (Electric vehicle supply eqp.) procured by private enterprise.

3. 100% exemption on electric duty for public charging till the end of policy period.

Battery recycling subsidy

Disposal of Electric Vehicle Batteries in trash/landfills will be strictly prohibited. OEMs, through their networks, partnerships and retail centers will channelize battery collection for reuse. The guidelines for the same will be notified separately

Other subsidy, if any

1. Startups with national and international patents will be reimbursed upto 50% of the cost in various activities

Electricity Tariff

Rs. 3.60 / kWh (Applicable for public and captive station).

Skill development

Short-term courses on electric mobility, EVSE, repair and maintenance, battery manufacturing and maintenance shall be developed and introduced by Education Department in collaboration with Transport department, Chandigarh. Polytechnics shall offer two-week duration courses on Electric Vehicle awareness for skill upgradation.

Startup Incentive

Infrastructure Incentive: Grant of Rs 3000 per seat on monthly basis.
Patent Fee Reimbursement: Start-ups registering national and international patents will be reimbursed up to 50% of the cost incurred by the start-up in fees and all other costs associated registration of IP subject to a cap of INR 2 lakh for national IP and INR 5 lakh for international IP.

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Date of release - 2022