5 Reasons an EV is for You


India has elaborate plans to reduce its carbon footprint in the automobile sector. Electric vehicles (EVs) can be seen as a significant player in the automobile industry in the years to come. As an electric car owner, your immediate concern would be the economy and quality of an electric ride. Fortunately, electric vehicles seem like a change for the better in more ways than one.


1. The initial investment for EVs

Initial investment in Electric Vehicles is subsidised due to the various demand side incentives offered by central and state governments. Depending on which state you buy your EV, the amount of subsidy may vary from 10-15% as per the respective state EV policies along with other benefits like exemption from road tax and registration fees.
For the features and benefits it offers, EVs are available at attractive prices. The MG ZS EV starts at Rs 22.88 lacs and offers a stunning range of 461* kilometres, apart from a host of industry-pioneering features.

2. Environmental benefits

As compared to ICE vehicles, electric vehicles are cleaner, greener and energy efficient. EVs run on battery and hence do not emit tailpipe emissions like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO2) and other harmful pollutants directly into the air. Since EVs do not run on fuel, they help in reducing the demand for fossil fuels. This can go a long way in lowering environmental impact associated with oil extraction, transportation, and refining. In addition to curbing air pollution, EVs are a lot quieter than ICE vehicles and help reduce noise pollution.

3. Running cost

With fuel prices refusing to stop rising, the low running costs of EVs are a major attraction. To begin with, Electric Vehicles can convert 80-90% of the energy from the battery into electric form to run the car which is much higher and efficient than the conventional Internal combustion engines. The range per charge of an EV proves to be far cheaper than conventional petrol or diesel car. Calculate the cost of running here

4. Maintenance cost

EVs have far fewer components compared to a petrol or diesel variant. In an internal combustion engine car, you need to ensure the freshness of fluids and filters. Having fewer parts, an EV will need fewer replacements, with the battery being the only major component that will need attention in the long run, which in turn means lower cost of repair and maintenance. In addition to this, modern EVs come with attractive warranty on the Electric vehicle batteries which ensures that your initial years of ownership are well taken care of. E.g. MG ZS EV offers 8 Years/1.5 Lakh KM Warranty on Battery and 5 yrs/unlimited KMs warranty on the vehicle

5. Futuristic with latest technology

Modern age electric vehicles (EVs) incorporate futuristic technology, including connectivity and remote monitoring. Enhanced safety features, such as advanced driver assistance systems and low centre of gravity, boost safety. EVs offer a comfortable and quiet driving experience with smooth, instant torque. These innovations collectively define the future of automotive transportation!

Introducing MG ZS EV with Autonomous Level-2(ADAS)

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